Download nano v1.0

Make beautiful things, fast!

The nano JavaScript framework provides a cross-browser API for dynamically building UI in Web Applications using Object Orientated scripting. Its simple yet powerful syntax lets you to easily start coding like a pro, rapidly deploying rich user interfaces with minimal effort.

How simple is this?

Check out the code below. Think that's easy? Give the sandbox a try and play around all you want, or view the documentation.

  new nano({parent: nano.body(), tag: 'div'}).add({tag: 'span', text: 'Hi there!'}).style({color: 'red'});

Did you say plugins?

The nano JavaScript framework comes with a user-friendly plugin interface which allows you to quickly extend the functionality of the API as you see fit. And if you don't feel up to writing your own, check out the plugins developed by us.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft® IE 7+
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox 3+
Google Chrome
Google™ Chrome
Apple Safari
Apple® Safari 3.1+
Opera 9+
Konqueror 4+

Supported platforms include: Android, Apple® iPhone and iPad, Microsoft® Windows XP/Vista/7, Apple® OS X and Linux.